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"Our philosophy is honesty, courtesy & integrity. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction."

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Yoder Door Co About

Welcome to Yoder Door Co. - a family owned and operated business. Our roots go all the way back to the early 1980's when Leon Yoder first started in the door industry as a young man full of dreams. After learning the ropes in the industry through subcontracting for another company, he struck out on his own in 1989, in a little shop located in Laurel, Delaware. His business plan was to serve his customers through honesty and top notch service.

As the business grew through the years, his wife, Miriam, was always at his side handling the office side of the business and his two sons, Wendall and Duane, started their door career paths, servicing and installing doors. As the company's reputation grew, more staff was needed to meet the customers' demands and by the year 2000, Yoder Overhead Door Company employed 10 people and was known in the state as the premier door company.

In June of 2000, Leon sold Yoder Overhead Door Co. and relocated his family to Monticello, GA to help start a new church. After subcontracting for several commercial companies in Atlanta and holding several key positions in several well known companies, he struck out on his own again to serve his customers as had always been his passion and dream. In early 2012, he started Yoder Door Co. - selling, servicing and installing doors & electric door operators. Miriam is still there beside him, handling the day to day requirements and tasks of the office.

His sons have started their own companies… Wendall has started “The Trezz Group”, specializing in the heavy commercial and industrial side of the door industry. Duane has started “Southland Woodworks & Design”, specializing in home repairs and remodels. They are both married - Wendall is married to Stephanie and they have two children, Erika Jo (JoJo) and Kellen. Duane is married to Genny. Their daughter, Roxi, works for Wendall as a receptionist in the office.

In 2017 Yoder Door co. and the Trezz Group merged to better serve our clients. Yoder Door Co. is the residential side of the business and The Trezz Group is the commercial/industrial side. We are continuing to serve and meet the needs of our clients in Jasper Co. and the surrounding areas with the same commitment and passion. Our philosophy is honesty, courtesy & integrity and our #1 goal is customer satisfaction.